Will my existing BACnet devices work with the EMC20/20?

The EMC20/20 can interface with BACnet MSTP devices, with future updates enabling further BACnet integration.

Will my existing Inovonics network work with the EMC20/20?

The EMC20/20 is equipped to communicate with the very latest generation of wireless Inovonics devices, with backward integration coming soon.

Can each device have its own setpoints and alarm levels?

Yes! With the EMC20/20, you’ll have the ability to individually customized each of your input devices to vote when you want, with high and low alarm levels specific to each individual sensor.

What personal devices can I use to access and control my system?

Access your system from anywhere, using your web-enabled smart-phone, tablet, or laptop. Our system has been optimized to help you check on your system from wherever you are.

Will I be required an internet connection to use the EMC20/20 in my building?

It is strongly recommended each system be equipped with a reliable internet connection to ensure optimal reporting and control.
If your building currently lacks a dedicated internet conneciton, you may click here to find more about your nearest internet service providers or speak with one of distributors about dedicated connection options.

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